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Startups Without Borders Podcast

Startups Without Borders

The Startups Without Borders Podcast is a business interview show that uncovers the unspoken lessons of some of the world’s most audacious risk-takers: migrant entrepreneurs.

Each week, we will dig into the different aspects and mindset behind building a startup, as told by industry leaders, brave change makers and bold disruptors with one thing in common: they are refugees and migrants.

From the Middle East, to Europe and beyond, the show will focus on concrete, tangible strategies and tactics for entrepreneurs, from productivity tips, to business hacks, to industry insights, as told through the inspiring journey of entrepreneurs on the move.

The show is hosted by Valentina Primo, an Argentine journalist and the founder of Startups Without Borders, who spent 6 years in Egypt interviewing startup founders across the Middle East, and fell in love with the relentless, unstoppable spirit of its entrepreneurs. Valentina previously launched Startup Scene Middle East, Egypt’s largest English-language publication on the entrepreneurial landscape, and has covered stories for international outlets, including BBC Business.

Photo Credit: Ahmed Najeeb.
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