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The Power of Human Experience in Corporate Storytelling, with Steve Multer

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Get ready to be captivated by our guest, Steve Multer, an expert in corporate storytelling. As a seasoned corporate spokesperson, Steve's journey from theatre to corporate theatre amidst crucial historical moments like the 9/11, the 2008 economic crisis, and even the ongoing pandemic is nothing short of intriguing. He reveals how these events shaped the market messaging and led to the evolution of business trends on a global scale.

Ever wondered why corporate storytelling is so powerful? We've got answers for you. Steve and I delve into the genesis of corporate storytelling, tracking its evolution over the past century. Notably, we discuss how companies like Apple are not merely selling products but experiences, carving a compelling vision of the future for their customers. Learn how you can infuse your personal experiences into your subject matter to spark passion in your audience and add value to your brand.

Lastly, we zoom in on the role of human experience in marketing. In our discussion, we unfold a three-step hierarchy to ensure your message hits home: prioritize the human experience, then the consumer, and finally the employee. We discuss how companies like Michael's have tweaked their messaging and how influencers like Terry O'Reilly manage to keep their audiences engrossed. We wrap up by underscoring the significance of corporate storytelling in setting small businesses apart and the crucial role of social media in customer outreach. So, buckle up for a fascinating conversation that could potentially revolutionize your marketing approach.

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