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The Journey to Excellence: Unlocking Intentional Mastery in Your Life, with special guest William Buist

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Are you doing all that you can to be a 'master' of what it is that you do? Whether it be in your business, career, or when you speak, you have to stand out (especially in a crowded market!)  Today's guest will walk us through how to move from being an  expert to being a master at what you do!

William Buist enables business owners to become the masters of their markets, operate more effectively, and stand out from all their competitors. With a strategic focus on building better business every day, his clients are at the heart of their work, making better decisions, and empowered to excel.

William thrives at supporting his clients as they develop a better, resonant understanding of their strategic intentions to create a company that is more aligned with their purpose. He knows that by asking the right questions, effective decisions will result. Those judgments will be based on a deeper, more complete understanding because of an unbiased analysis of the appropriate elements.

William prides himself on his well-honed skill that poses questions that unlock blocks and barriers. William is a speaker, business mentor and author of “Intentional Mastery: Step Beyond Your Expertise and Build Better Business”. He is a keen photographer, walker and skier.

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