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Simplifying Podcast Technology for Coaches and Consultants: Mastering Your Message and Soaring to Success

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Ever felt the shiver of tech trepidation before taking the podcast plunge? You're not alone, but today's episode is your tech angst antidote! With three decades of broadcasting wisdom tucked under my belt, I'm here to guide you through untangling the intimidating wires of podcast technology. This isn't about being a DIY maven; it's about channeling your strengths into your content and letting the experts handle the rest. So if you're a coach, consultant, or subject matter expert ready to break free from the starting blocks without getting bogged down by the nitty-gritty, let's clear the path for your audio adventure to take flight.

Strap in for an episode packed with pearls of wisdom, where we bust the 'tech myth' wide open, and spotlight success stories from the pulsating heart of the podcasting community. I'll regale you with my own transition from radio and TV to speaker training, proving that the skills that shine on airwaves and screens translate seamlessly to podcasting prowess. It's not about juggling every role; it's about mastering your message and seeking support where needed. Get ready to be emboldened and equipped to let your podcast soar as we offer a rallying cry for connection, clarity, and community in the unlimited universe of podcasting.

Bust through the myths, and get podcasting!

Podcast Jumpstart Bootcamp
Get the tools you need to be podcast ready!
Thursday May 8th 10am - 1pm
Here's what the bootcamp will cover:

  • Show Strategy (format, what it's about, target audience)
  • Basic Launch Roadmap (launch date, timeline)
  • Content For Your First 5 Episodes( templated for you to customize)
  • Time Optimization Strategies (strategy for recording, editing, promo

Plus the templates, tools and tech you need to get your show started!

BONUS #1 A copy of the e-book, 10 simple steps to launching your podcast
BONUS #2 15 minute Podcast strategy call with me, Carl Richards
Podcast Jumpstart Bootcamp

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