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Reflecting on the Journey: Merging Speaking of Speaking with Podcast Solutions Made Simple

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Reflecting on the past five years feels like flipping through the pages of a well-loved novel, each chapter brimming with its unique set of triumphs and trials. I'm Carl Richards, and as I sit down to recount the incredible journey of the Speaking of Speaking podcast, it's like sharing a part of my soul with you. From the early days, riddled with uncertainties, to celebrating over 15,000 downloads, and shifting gears from a stage fright coach to the head of a podcasting agency, this episode is an open book of heartfelt experiences. I'll walk you through the decisions that have not only influenced the direction of my career but also this very podcast we've nurtured together.

This chapter in our story is about convergence, as I unveil the decision to merge Speaking of Speaking with my other brainchild, Podcast Solutions Made Simple. It's a move fueled by the synergies between the art of public speaking and the craft of podcasting. We're standing at the crossroads of change, embracing the challenge as the worlds of speaking and podcasting collide. Join me as we explore what this means for the podcast's future, and how it reflects the very essence of evolution in the professional sphere. There are no guests today; just you and me on this virtual bench, preparing to step into a future that's as thrilling as it is uncharted.

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