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Mastering the Art of TEDx Speaking and Public Speaking with Coach Teri Kingston

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Have you ever wanted to master the art of public speaking or dreamt of landing a talk on the TEDx stage? Join us as we converse with Teri Kingston, an acclaimed public speaking and TEDx coach, who unveils secrets of the TEDx universe and how to navigate it. Teri, known as one of Canada's top 10 speaking coaches, takes us on a journey through the evolution of the speaking industry and expounds on the transformative role of TEDx in it.

Permit us to guide you backstage into the world of TEDx speakers, where Teri shares nuggets of wisdom from her rich experiences as a selection committee member. She goes beyond the surface to reveal the intricacies of the TEDx speaker process. From creating compelling talks to resources for TEDx applications that don't cost an arm and a leg, Teri lays it all on the table. You'll feel the magical aura of TEDx as Teri paints a vivid image of the significant difference between the grand TED conferences in Vancouver and the more localized TEDx events.

Our conversation takes a deeper dive as Teri unravels the fear and success associated with the TEDx stage. Through her own journey and her client's experiences, she illustrates the potency of TEDx as a platform for thought leaders and speakers. 
Teri Kingston is a certified World Class Speaking Coach and has been coaching TEDx Speakers since 2015. She enjoys being part of the selection process and helping curate ideas that can truly change the world. 

Her own TEDx talk, “Can We Live Better by Talking About Dying?”, was viewed over 40K times in the first 24 hours of being posted. 
When she isn't coaching speakers or delivering talks of her own, she eats too much dark chocolate as she sits and soaks in the sea air of St Andrews, NB.

In other words, Teri knows what makes TED tick!

Teri's TEDx Video
Can We Live Better By Talking About Dying
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