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From Military Veteran to Podcasting Pro: Cindy Little on Debunking The Money Myth

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Ever wondered if you could channel your passion into a podcast without emptying your pockets? Today, we're tearing down the myths that hold many back from the microphone. Joining us is Cindy Little, a military veteran, Harley enthusiast, and now, a passionate podcaster behind "A Healthier You, Little by Little." Cindy's journey from podcast rookie to a beacon of wellness wisdom will show you that your story deserves an audience.  She's here to prove that with just a phone and a dose of courage, you can craft a podcast that resonates deeply with listeners and doesn't demand a king's ransom.

Cindy in her spare time is a Health Podcaster, Public Speaker, aspiring author, and is an avid reader and learner of self growth. Cindy is a mother and wife of 27 yrs to her sweetheart, retired military husband, Darren. Cindy has lived a life of action from serving in the military in her younger years and has jumped out of military aircraft and served on a UN tour in Croatia for 6 months when she was 24. Fast forward another 24 yrs and you could find her competing on stage at age 48 winning a masters in a figure body building competition. She is also a Harley motorcyclist and has travelled all of Canada and many of the US states, and she is a golfer and pickle-ball enthusiast.

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