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Crafting Connections Through Podcast Evolution and Audience Engagement

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If you want to learn anything these days you can just 'Google that.' Everything from how to bake a cake to what ailment you have.  The challenge is there is a lot of misinformation being shared out there, and not just on the worldwide web. Some well meaning yet misguided business coaches, agencies, even places of higher education are sharing the WRONG INFORMATION when it comes to navigating the podcasting space.

 When I first launched the Speaking of Speaking podcast, my mission was simple: help others overcome their fear of public speaking. But as my journey unfolded, I found the conversation naturally broadening to encompass the vast landscape of communication strategies. In the heart of this episode, I peel back the layers of podcasting purpose, sharing how a strong 'why' is the bedrock of any show. It's a tale of transformation, from my initial focus on tackling speaking anxiety to the rich discussions on communication that now define the podcast. I'll walk you through the importance of aligning your podcast's mission with your personal evolution and how that resonance is felt by every listener tuning in.

Wrapping up, we open the floor to you, our community, inviting your voice into the mix. Whether it's through comments, reviews, or guest suggestions, each interaction weaves you into the fabric of our growing network. And for those ready to step behind the mic themselves, consider this an open call to join the conversation that extends beyond these episodes—because podcasting isn't just about reaching the earbuds of the world, it's about creating a dialogue that bridges over 3 million passionate voices. Stay tuned for the next instalment where we continue to exchange ideas and insights, moving the needle on what it means to truly connect.

Bust through the myths, and get podcasting!

Podcast Jumpstart Bootcamp
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Thursday May 8th 10am - 1pm
Here's what the bootcamp will cover:

  • Show Strategy (format, what it's about, target audience)
  • Basic Launch Roadmap (launch date, timeline)
  • Content For Your First 5 Episodes( templated for you to customize)
  • Time Optimization Strategies (strategy for recording, editing, promo

Plus the templates, tools and tech you need to get your show started!

BONUS #1 A copy of the e-book, 10 simple steps to launching your podcast
BONUS #2 15 minute Podcast strategy call with me, Carl Richards
Podcast Jumpstart Bootcamp

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