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Conquering Tech Fears to Launch Your Dream Podcast: Wisdom from Entrepreneur Diana Lidstone

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Have you ever let the fear of technology stop you from chasing a dream? Our guest, Diana Lidstone, a vibrant entrepreneur and podcast host, almost did—but she's here to tell us why she didn't let that happen.  Diana faced the tech terrors of podcasting head-on, proving that it's never too late to embrace new challenges and innovate. This episode is a treasure trove of encouragement and practical advice for anyone hesitant to push the record button on their podcasting aspirations. We'll tackle the myths that keep so many from sharing their voice with the world and reveal how focusing on your strengths while outsourcing the rest can lead to a fulfilling balance of passion and professionalism.

As a best-selling author, speaker & podcast host, Diana Lidstone has been an entrepreneur for almost 40 years. She knows that we can all plateau in our businesses. Using her proven GROW Equation, she teaches business operators to become visionary business owners with more joy, more profit and more free time.

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Bust through the myths, and get podcasting!

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Thursday May 8th 10am - 1pm
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  • Show Strategy (format, what it's about, target audience)
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  • Time Optimization Strategies (strategy for recording, editing, promo

Plus the templates, tools and tech you need to get your show started!

BONUS #1 A copy of the e-book, 10 simple steps to launching your podcast
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Podcast Jumpstart Bootcamp

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