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Breaking Through the Competition Myth to Find Your Place in the Podcasting Universe

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Ever felt like a tiny fish in the vast podcast ocean, swimming alongside giants like Oprah and Tony Robbins? That's where I found myself, grappling with the 'competition myth' before launching my very own podcast, Speaking of Speaking. But through this episode of Communication Connection Community, I'll guide you past those colossal shadows into the light of opportunity waiting for every aspiring podcaster. Together, let's break down the barriers that might be holding you back and debunk the fear of an overcrowded marketplace, showing you how there's still plenty of room for your unique voice and content.

Today's discussion isn't just for the podcasting pros, but also for bloggers and beginners ready to amplify their message. We'll explore how merging blogging with podcasting can catapult your content into the hands of an audience that's on the move, hungry for knowledge they can consume anywhere, anytime. Forget the daunting statistics and focus on the potential for connection - because for every 500 blogs cluttering the digital landscape, there's only one podcast reaching out for a listener's attention. So, whether you're a seasoned speaker or someone nervously hovering over the 'record' button, let's transform those apprehensions into action and start your journey to becoming a distinguished voice in the podcasting community.

Bust through the myths, and get podcasting!

Podcast Jumpstart Bootcamp
Get the tools you need to be podcast ready!
Thursday May 8th 10am - 1pm
Here's what the bootcamp will cover:

  • Show Strategy (format, what it's about, target audience)
  • Basic Launch Roadmap (launch date, timeline)
  • Content For Your First 5 Episodes( templated for you to customize)
  • Time Optimization Strategies (strategy for recording, editing, promo

Plus the templates, tools and tech you need to get your show started!

BONUS #1 A copy of the e-book, 10 simple steps to launching your podcast
BONUS #2 15 minute Podcast strategy call with me, Carl Richards
Podcast Jumpstart Bootcamp

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