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Breaking the Time Myth: How to Fit Podcasting into Your Busy Life

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Ever felt like you're running a race against the clock, especially when dreaming of starting your own podcast? Let's bust that myth together. We continue our myth-busting series with a candid conversation on the infamous time myth—the belief that there just aren't enough hours in the day to create a podcast. Join us as we challenge the status quo and explore the true flexibility of podcasting that many overlook. You'll be surprised to learn that the 'ideal' episode length is a myth itself, as we delve into why podcast duration should be a personal decision that resonates with both you and your audience's schedule.

This episode isn't just about realization; it's about taking actionable steps. Through personal anecdotes and industry examples, we'll help you measure your content against the realities of your listener's day-to-day life. No guests, just raw insights and strategies aimed to craft your podcasting journey to fit into the life you lead—not the other way around. By the end of our session, we're confident you'll have a newfound perspective on how podcasting can seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle, unshackled by the constraints of time.

Bust through the myths, and get podcasting!

Podcast Jumpstart Bootcamp
Get the tools you need to be podcast ready!
Thursday May 8th 10am - 1pm
Here's what the bootcamp will cover:

  • Show Strategy (format, what it's about, target audience)
  • Basic Launch Roadmap (launch date, timeline)
  • Content For Your First 5 Episodes( templated for you to customize)
  • Time Optimization Strategies (strategy for recording, editing, promo

Plus the templates, tools and tech you need to get your show started!

BONUS #1 A copy of the e-book, 10 simple steps to launching your podcast
BONUS #2 15 minute Podcast strategy call with me, Carl Richards
Podcast Jumpstart Bootcamp

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