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A charming father wins just about everyone over until his criminal ways force his family on a ten-year journey running from the law.  A secret artist becomes an art world sensation but unearths a family scandal. And a bank manager who loves to gamble gets into trouble.

Sometimes the con job hits close to home.


Con Man Daddy

You’re young, fun, and on the run from the law. One kid’s journey across the Deep South leads to a big confrontation with the man who inspired it all… Con Man Daddy.

BIG thanks to Jason Russel Waller as well as his brothers, Randy and Kel, for sharing your story with Snap!

Produced by Bo Walsh, original score by Renzo Gorrio, artwork by Teo Ducot

The Art Of The Con

What if the real story is even better than the fake story they made up? A secret artist, an art world sensation, a family scandal.

Thanks, Ron, for sharing your story with us!

Produced by Andrew Stelzer with support from Anna Sussman

Insidious by Shannon Cason LIVE

And a bank manager who loves to gamble gets into trouble.

This story was told live by Shannon Cason at Snap LIVE in Los Angeles. Original music by Alex Mandel and Tim Frick.

Snap Classic - Season 15 - Episode 1

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