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Jeremy Daly & Rebecca Marshburn

Serverless Chats is a podcast that geeks out on everything serverless. Join Jeremy Daly and Rebecca Marshburn as they chat with a special guest each week.

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    Episode #121: Educating Serverless Developers with Ivonne Roberts


    Ivonne Roberts is a recently named AWS Serverless Hero and currently a Software Architect at Prior to joining, she was a Senior Software Architect, Principal Engineer at Edelman Financial Engines, where she and her team were critical in the company’s adoption of a serverless-first software development philosophy. She has experience in modernizing applications as part of cloud migration initiatives based on serverless architecture, and her expertise includes researching new technologies and design patterns, building prototypes, establishing reference architectures, and gaining buy-in from members across the organization. On her blog and her YouTube channel Serverless DevWidgets, Ivonne focuses on demystifying and removing the hurdles of adopting serverless architecture and on simplifying the software development lifecycle. Twitter: Website/personal blog: Serverless DevWidgets:
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    Episode #120: Mastering AWS Freelancing with Adam Elmore


    Adam is an independent cloud consultant helping startups build products on AWS. He's also the host of AWS FM, a weekly podcast and live audio show where he shares stories from around the AWS community. Adam holds all twelve AWS certifications and is an AWS Community Builder. He's the creator of, a CLI tool for deploying web sites and apps into your own AWS account. He's also the co-founder of StatMuse, a Disney and Google backed startup building search technology for sports and financial information. Adam lives in Nixa, Missouri, with his wife and two young boys. Twitter:  LinkedIn: Consulting Site: AWS.FM Podcast:
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    Episode #119: Scaling your Startup with Brian Scanlan


    Brian Scanlan is the Principal Systems Engineer at Intecom where he leads their developer infrastructure efforts, helping teams make products resilient to failure, scalable to customers' needs and need little to no human intervention to work well. Based out of Dublin, Brian has previously held posts with HEAnet and Amazon, and has experience helping teams build their technical strategies, as well as designing and implementing solutions. Brian is a frequent contributor to Intercom’s engineering blog, and has presented at LeadDev Con in London, Turing Fest, and Dash by Datadog. Twitter: LinkedIn: Intercom’s Engineering Site:  10 technical strategies to avoid when scaling your startup (and 5 to embrace) How we fixed our on call process to avoid engineer burnout
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    Episode #118: Deploying on Fridays with Charity Majors


    Charity Majors is the co-founder and CTO of Honeycomb. Before that she worked at Facebook, Parse and Linden Lab on infrastructure and developer tools, and she always seems to wind up running databases. She is the co-author of "Database Reliability Engineering" and the upcoming "Observability Engineering: Achieving Production Excellence" book published by O'Reilly. Twitter:   LinkedIn:  Blog:  Honeycomb: 
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    Episode #117: Serverless Cloud with Doug Moscrop, Eslam Hefnawy, and Ben Miner


    Doug Moscrop is the Lead Software Engineer at Serverless, Inc. working on Serverless Cloud. He is a pragmatic programmer with a strong engineering discipline, a thirst for knowledge and a desire for accuracy. He's the author of several Serverless Framework plugins and the creator of serverless-http.Eslam Hefnawy is a Principal Software Engineer at Serverless Inc. working on Serverless Cloud. He's been writing software since the age of 14 and is passionate about open source, dev tools, and serverless technologies. In 2015, he joined Serverless, Inc as their first hire and co-created the Serverless Framework with founder, Austen Collins. In 2018, he lead the design and development of Serverless Components, a next-generation Serverless Framework. Ben Miner is a Software Engineer at Serverless, Inc. working on Serverless Cloud and has experience all over the spectrum, including DevOps, backend, and frontend technologies. He's also a pursuer of SAAS architectures, functional programming, and great end user experiences. Twitter: Eslam: @eahefnawy Doug: @dougmoscrop Ben: @devvyben  Serverless Cloud:
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    Episode #116: Infinite Serverless Workflows with Sam Dengler and Justin Callison


    Sam Dengler is a Principal Solutions Architect and Justin Callison is an Engineering manager of Workflow service (including Step Functions) at Amazon Web Services. Twitter: Justin Callison @justincallison, Sam Dengler @samdengler Step Functions: Share Your Integration Innovations in the Flex Your Skills Contest on AWS More Resources:  AWS Step Functions integrates with over 200 AWS SERVICES (Marcia Villalba) Serverless Office Hours: AWS Step Functions - AWS SDK Service Integrations Taco Bell: This is My Architecture video (we’ll link to this)
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    Episode #115: Serverless Complexity with Ant Stanley


    Ant is a consultant, community organizer, and co-founder of Homeschool from Senzo. He also founded and currently runs the Serverless User Group in London, is part of the ServerlessDays London organizing team and the global ServerlessDays leadership team. Previously Ant was a co-founder of A Cloud Guru, and was responsible for organizing the first ServerlessConf event in New York in May 2016. Living in London since 2009, Ant's background before Serverless is primarily as a Solution Architect at various organisations, from managed service providers to Tier 1 telecommunications providers. He started his career in 1999 doing Y2K upgrades in his native South Africa, and then spent 5 years being paid to write VB6. His current focus is Serverless, GraphQL and Node.js. Twitter: @IamStan Homeschool from Senzo: ServerlessDays: For organizer information: [email protected]
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    Episode #114: Serverless for Salary Transparency with Kesha Williams


    Kesha Williams is an award-winning software engineer and technology leader teaching others how to transform their lives through technology. Forbes, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Oracle have applauded her contributions to the technology community, and she has spoken on the TED stage about the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI). Amazon recognized her pioneering work in AI with both its AWS Machine Learning Hero and Alexa Champion honors — the first person to receive both. Williams was named Mentor of the Year by Women Tech Network and received the Innovator Award from Hospitality Technology. She has launched several successful startups and appears in the 2020 tech documentary, "Hello World: The Film." Additionally, Williams serves on the Board of Directors for Women in Voice and as a mentor to women in tech.  Twitter: @KeshaWillz Blog: LinkedIn: Salary Overflow:
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    Episode #113: Serverless for Startups with Chris Munns


    Chris Munns is a Tech Lead/Advisor for Startup Solution Architects at Amazon Web Services based in New York City. Chris spent the last 4.5 years working with AWS's developer customers to understand how serverless technologies can drastically change the way they think about building and running applications at potentially massive scale with minimal administration overhead. Before this, Chris a global Business Development Manager for DevOps at AWS, he spent a few years as a Solutions Architect at AWS, and has held senior operations engineering posts at Etsy, Meetup, and other NYC based startups. Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Networking and System Administration from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Twitter: @chrismunns Email: [email protected] AWS Compute Blog:
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    Episode #112: Abstracting Stateful Serverless with Jonas Bonér


    Jonas Bonér is founder and CEO of Lightbend, creator of the Akka project, initiator and co-author of the Reactive Manifesto and the Reactive Principles, and a Java Champion. Website: http://jonasboner.comTwitter: Serverless: Manifesto: Principles:

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