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143 Letter to the Community w/Chris Mabry

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In this Letter to the Community, I introduce myself to the PreSales community as the new General Manager, giving insight into my backstory as a Solution Consultant and the journey to leading and managing teams. 

I unpack what I love most about my career and the PreSales Collective: People. The human story of growth, friendship, and potential is what drives me. 

At PreSales Collective, we believe the investment in three pillars leads to 

  • Personal and Professional Development. 
  • Thought Leadership Content.
  • Meaningful Connections.

If you are investing in professional and personal development, consuming high-quality/thought leadership content in your space, and making meaningful connections - You are operating at a higher potential than if you are not. 


Tune-in and Connect!

143 Letter to the Community w/Chris Mabry

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