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Robservations with Rob Liefeld

Robservations with Rob Liefeld

Robservations is the new podcast by Comic Book Legend Rob Liefeld which exists to explore and celebrate comic books as an art form and their tremendous impact on the culture.

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    Comic Book Market 2021! Moon Knight! Spidey 2099!


    The year is barreling towards its conclusion, comic conventions have roared back in L.A., San Diego and New York, new trends are developing and the market is quick to respond! Amazing Comic Con’s Jimmy Jay joins Rob to break down the heat from recent titles and characters and guide us towards the latest industry picks & new hits coming your way!
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    The Numbers! Rank & File!


    It was a decade of change! Rob examines the sales charts, from 1973 thru 1984, the trends and the rankings, telling the tale of a Marvelous evolution! Which characters had staying power? What was the understated powerhouse, the steady franchises, the trendy licenses? The numbers don’t lie and the data shared in this episode gives a glimpse of an age of transition and all that was to follow! If you love numbers, this is the show for you!
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    Stalking The Empire!


    Han Solo in a light saber duel with Darth Vader? Leia turned against Luke & Han? Time Travel and Black Holes? This episode is an epic re-counting of the outrageous rumors and leaks that were occurring in the months before Empire Strikes Back was released. Rob shares which details that magazines and reporters were submitting for official approval to Lucasfilm, circa 1979! And Lucasfilm responds!
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    X-FORCE! 30 Year Anniversary!


    Arriving in 1991, X-Force smashed records, expanding the X-Universe forevermore. Marvel is celebrating the momentous occasion with a 30th anniversary special written & illustrated by X-Force creator Rob Liefeld. In this episode Rob takes you all the way behind the scenes revealing the inspiration and design behind the production and publication of X-Force:Killshot! Bonus! The Secret Origin of Robservations!
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    The 5 Things I Learned in Comics


    Over the course of a 35 year career, Rob Liefeld has experienced every facet of publishing and creating comic books. Learn the 5 Things in Comics that resonate with him the most.
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    The Truth About Re-Shoots! Deadpool, Dr. Strange!


    Much has been made of re-shoots on recent big blockbuster films like Dr. Strange 2, Rogue One and Thor. Rob takes you inside Deadpool 2 and the strategy behind re-shoots for big comic book films!
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    Marvel’s Civil War!


    During the filming of Captain America:Civil War Marvel was having a literal Civil War of its own between divisions of power within the company. “Civil War started a Civil War in Marvel” Joe Russo boldly states, one of many revelations from this period of extreme tension & upheaval, un-covered in-depth for the first time in the gripping new Marvel publication, The Story Of Marvel Studios, written by Tara Bennett & Paul Terry. Rob examines all the details leading up to a dramatic shift in power and authority within the hallowed halls of mighty Marvel!
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    The Sphere Of Influence!


    What could possibly unite Charlie’s Angels, Raiders Of The Lost Ark and The Uncanny X-Men? All will be revealed with this in-depth examination of The Sphere Of Influence!
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    Critical Character Chemistry!


    New castings are on the horizon for James Bond, Wolverine, Johnny Storm and many more! Black Adam is coming! Will there be more Cable? The historical importance of casting, chemistry and how they can determine the fate of your next cinematic franchise!
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    Comic Book Feuds! Daredevil: Lee vs. Wood!


    As salty a feud as you will find in the history of comic books! One that spilled into public view, taking up space in the actual Marvel comic books themselves! Two powerhouse comic book visionaries in the prime of their careers fall out while the entire industry watched!

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