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Episode 313: Montecarlo Simulations, Accumulation Portfolios, Dr. Who, And Portfolio Reviews As Of January 12, 2024

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In this episode we answer emails from Mr. Klingon, Bob, MyContactInfo, and Ralph.  We discuss the Macro-Allocation Principle and Accumulation Portfolios, using a value-tilt for decumulation, the ins and outs of Monte Carlo simulations, Dr. Who and using gold in an accumulation portfolio.

And THEN we our go through our weekly portfolio reviews of the seven sample portfolios you can find at Portfolios | Risk Parity Radio.

Additional links:

Monte Carlo Analysis of 80/20 Portfolio on Portfolio Visualizer:  Monte Carlo Simulation (portfoliovisualizer.com)

Monte Carlo Analysis of Diversified Retirement Portfolio:  Monte Carlo Simulation (portfoliovisualizer.com)

EconoMe Conference (code "riskparityradio" to save 10%):  EconoMe Conference - March 15th-17th, 2024

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