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Ep 99 - The Birth And Death Of E3

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Tell me one thing that happened this week!


Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Retro Review ft. Spidershan!

Sam: Blog and Streaming updates

MMBN2 Hard Mode -Battle chip Challenge complete!

John: On Topic/Retro Rewind updates, Metroid Prime, dynamite heady

FilmLogic: Mike Writes, Solo Something, Tim: Oscars and Rise Roar Revolt

RetroGroove: Busta Rhymes


A Gamer Looks At 40

The Price Is Retro

If this is your first time playing Price Is Retro, here’s how we play. I’m going to list off 4 or 5 games and everyone has to guess how much the lot is worth in total. Whoever is closest to the actual value wins that round! Everyone has a list and everyone guesses on each other's list. At the end, the player that won the most rounds wins the episode! But watch out for the robot Deus Guess Machina! He averages all of our guesses together for his own guess

Dan’s list

Sam’s list

Jon’s List

Bills List


Niche Please : Plumber Free Kart Racers


Trivia Card

Show Topics


E3 is going away

A little history:

First E3 expo in 1995

Early troubles, 1996 saw Sony do it’s own playstation expo and sega pull out at last minute

Held in Atlanta Georgia 1997 and 1998

Flirted with smaller scale event in 2007 and 2008

Reverted to larger format, increasing emphasis on being open to the public, not just industry insiders

2020 cancellation


ESA allegedly still planning a conference in 2024

Favorite E3 memories

Community Couch

Q from Stevens_NES: Does anyone else have an example of this? A genre of game that they played as a kid that has now secretly morphed into their favorite? (his example was metroid)

I’m Back!!! Aka Flightsy: Community Couch Question: What do you think of my glorious return to the discord?

See you on Episode 100!


Thanks BILL!


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