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Ep 95 - The GameCube Bracket feat. SpiderShan!

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What did you buy? What did you play?



Welcome to RetroLogic! I’m Dan Caporello here with John Cummis and Sam Wagers. 


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Tell me one thing that happened this week!



Sam: Blog and Streaming updates

MMBN2 Hard Mode - postgame next mega monday!

Hamtaro Ham Ham Heartbreak Special Valentines day

Developer Showcase - Quintet Co., Ltd.

John: On Topic/Retro Rewind updates, Legend of Valkyrie, Smash 64

FilmLogic: Mike Writes, Solo Something, Tim - Janime, howl’s moving castle

RetroGroove: Damon Days, Damon Albarn, Lead Singer of Blur and Gorillaz



The Price Is Retro

If this is your first time playing Price Is Retro, here’s how we play. I’m going to list off 4 or 5 games and everyone has to guess how much the lot is worth in total. Whoever is closest to the actual value wins that round! Everyone has a list and everyone guesses on each other's list. At the end, the player that won the most rounds wins the episode! But watch out for the robot Deus Guess Machina! He averages all of our guesses together for this own guess

Dan’s list

John’s list

Sam’s list

Trivia Card




Show Topics



Analogue Pocket discussion

Quick review from Sam and John


Custom Firmware options


Community Couch

Mike Writes (The Ambassador)

Community Couch Question:

You can only exclusively play one of these niche genres for the whole year of 2023. Which one do you play? (Also assumes that you can get the hardware and software to achieve the goal)

  1. A) Puzzle Solving first Person games
  2. B) Kinect and PS Move motion games
  3. C)  Tetris, Columns and Puyo type puzzles
  4. D) Kart racers based on cartoon and movie franchises
  5. E) Any game based on a Shonen Jump license



What's your biggest gaming pet peeve? Mine is people calling it "Kirby and the forgotten lands" instead of "Kirby and the Forgotten Land"


Question for both Retro and Film Logic: If you were forced to choose, would you rather make the world lose 15 years of Video games (the newest games you see will be from 15 years ago) or lose 15 years of movies?


For important reasons: What’s your best pickup line?


Question for the show: if you could bring back any now defunct developer who would you choose and what game would you want them to make?



Thanks for listening to the RetroLogic Podcast! We are proudly part of the Nintendo Dads family of podcasts. If you like what you hear, check me out on Twitter and Instagram @RetrologicGames. You’re also welcome to jump into our friendly and 100% non-toxic Discord Community! The link to that is in my twitter bio.

You can also find everything on our website

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