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Ep 94 - The PLOK Award for Outstanding Weirdness

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What did you buy? What did you play?



Welcome to RetroLogic! I’m Dan Caporello here with John Cummis and Sam Wagers. 


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Tell me one thing that happened this week!



Sam: Blog and Streaming updates

John: On Topic/Retro Rewind updates

The Price Is Retro

If this is your first time playing Price Is Retro, here’s how we play. I’m going to list off 4 or 5 games and everyone has to guess how much the lot is worth in total. Whoever is closest to the actual value wins that round! Everyone has a list and everyone guesses on each other's list. At the end, the player that won the most rounds wins the episode! But watch out for the robot Deus Guess Machina! He averages all of our guesses together for this own guess!

Dan’s list

John’s list

Sam’s list


Sam’s Spot the Fake


Trivia Card

Show Topics

PLOK Award for outstanding Weirdness - 1990 and 1991

Community couch goodness


Sam’s Nominees:

1990:  Bubble ghost (game boy), Penguin Wars, (game boy) , Commander Keen: Marooned on Mars (DOS), JJ and Jeff (Turbografx 16)

1991: Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom (NES), Eliminator boat duel (NES), Phalanx (SNES), just for the box art

Dan’s Nominees
1990 - Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
1991 - ToeJam & Earl, Decap Attack, 


Community Couch


Mike Writes aka The Ambassador

Question for the couch: Which major media company would absolutely nail it if they made their own console with exclusives?


Follow up question. Which gaming company would make a great stand alone console? They would take all their past and future offerings and put it on one system, making them exclusive. CAPCOM, SEGA (too soon?), UBISOFT, EA? 


Community Couch Q: What Nintendo franchise makes your skin crawl?

Me: Dr. Mario



CCQ:  How dare you think that  [insert opinion from GOTY30]?!?!?!  What we’re you thinking?!?!


CCQ: What is the best gift you've ever given?


CCQ:  What is the meaning of this?



Do you usually spend your winter indoors or outdoors more?

What 3 community members would you trust to run the podcast for you?


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