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Ep 89 - Season 2 Finale!

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RetroLogic - Episode 89

Welcome to RetroLogic episode 89 - I'm Dan Caporello here with John Cummins, Sam Wagers, Adam Caorello, Liam Davenport, and Seth Sturgill

But RetroLogic isn’t just a podcast, It’s a whole community of retro gamers! Visit for our discord link, fair trade merch, blog posts written by Sam Wagers…
And dive into our family of podcasts!
RetroGroove, a music history podcast, and On Topic Retro, a podcast dedicated to 1 video game per episode hosted by our very own John Cummins.



  • Streaming: Mega Mondays! Mega Man Network Transmission
  • On Topic Retro #15 Phantasy Star
  • Retro Groove S2 E6 Steve Albini and the Integrity of Sound
  • Film Logic - Super Mario Movie Teaser minisode

Icebreaker - what did you buy? And what did you play?

Sam: Bought: Liberty or Death (SNES)

Played: Megaman Network Transmission, Splatoon 3, Progress in Majora’s Mask


Dan: Golden Sun Dark Dawn, Wario Master of Disguise


John: Retroid Pocket 3, California Games NES cib, XC3 Collectors ED, Potion Permit, Govelllius, Zillion II, Alien Syndrome, Ghost House SMS, Esper Dream fam disk system.









41:00 -

The price is RETRO

“If this is your first time playing The Price Is Retro, this is how we play.

I’m going to list off 4-5 games, and everyone else has to guess how much the games are worth in total. Whoever’s guess is the closest wins that round, and the next person lists off their games. Everyone brought a list of games, and everyone guesses on each other’s lists.

At the end of the game, whoever won the most rounds wins the game!
But look out for Polterguest! He  guesses $300 on each list, and if he wins the game I have to give away a sticker from the merch store!”

Liam’s List

Seth’s List

John’s list

Sam’s list

Dan’s list

Flightsy’s List (guess the games first)

PrestoTheMagnificent (polterguest list)



The Ambassitor - the worlds hardest gmaecube quiz

“Spot the fake”

“We’re given a list of game titles, and we have to guess which one was made up”

“Games Described Badly”

“We’re given several descriptions of video games and we have to guess what game is being described.”



“I’m going to start reading the description of a game from wikipedia. As soon as you think you know it, yell out your answer! If you’re wrong I’m giving the other people an opportunity to guess. If everyone’s wrong I’ll keep reading until someone else yells out.”

“Trivia Card”


Name that game - Sam


Show Topic - 



Community Couch



What's your favorite RetroLogic memory from this season?

What game did we inspire you to get into?

Where is Polterguest going now that he's exiting this mortal plane?



My favorite RetroLogic memory from this season was when Dan trash talked Garfield, and then everyone on the server decided to never let him live that down.  You inspired me to get back into Mario Vs DK Mini Land Mayhem (even tho no one joined me  ).  Polterguest will change their name to Polterlistener, and just lurk around the discord



I love the voice work of the  guest who did Fat Princess



If you lost all of your gaming memories except one, which memory would bring you back to gaming/recover your lost memories

Eric Plunk

For me it’d be Christmas Day 1996. Lots of snow on the ground which didn’t always happen in Tennessee. Entering a 3D world for the first time (other than sampling it at a Walmart kiosk earlier) in Super Mario 64 was magical. My friend that recently passed 


Thanks for listening to the RetroLogic Podcast! We are proudly part of the Nintendo Dads family of podcasts. If you like what you hear, check me out on Twitter and Instagram @RetrologicGames. You’re also welcome to jump into our friendly and 100% non-toxic Discord Community! The link to that is in my twitter bio.

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