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    297 - Wonder Boy Series


    Join Kingy and Jon as they celebrate the popular series of Wonder Boy games from Sega. From its humble platform origins, through to its RPG/Metroidvania endgame, there is no denying this great series went through an evolution of styles.   Show notes: Blasphemous game -  
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    296 - A Tribute to John Madden


    It is with sad news that we hear of the passing of the great and influential American Football icon, John Madden. Please join Matt Aguilera and Matt Lambourne with our RGDS tribute to this legend.
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    295 - A Very Merry Speccy Christmas


    Join the RGDS festive mood with Kingy and Drisky as they cover 12 Christmassy-themed ZX Spectrum games. It's time to blow the dust off your rubber keyboard and get your kids involved in the 8-bit Christmas spirit. Games covered are: Frantic Pengo : Chrimblast: Zombos Christmas Capers : Sprouty : Grumpy Santa : Crimbo : Santos Xmas Adventure : Christmas Cracker : Merry Christmas From Horace: All Present and Correct : Plum Duff : Percy Penguin:   Other Possible Games.   Rupert and the Ice Castle: Sheepy Xmas: Moley Christmas: 16. Toofy's Winter Nuts:   Show notes: Astro City Mini:-   Amiga Mini:-      
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    294 - Gold2th Interview


      Join Matt Aguilera in his first interview of a retro God for the first time in a few years. It's an honour to have Gold2th gaming, a YouTuber with old school comedy vibes with a touch of Tupac and a sprinkle of music parodies guaranteed. The discussion is all about Gold2th's current retro gaming pickup obsession and his unique story telling technique You can find Gold2th's channel here -    
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    293 - Arcade Club Meetup 2021


    October 15th/16th 2021 saw the team make their pilgrimage to Arcade Club in Bury. They were joined by a host of friends and had a great weekend playing games and chatting away. Tune in to hear all about it - including listener contributions. Show notes Z-Exemplar Episode RGDS Discord Channel        
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    292 - W.R.A.F Side B (Walk Right and Fight)


    Kingy and Ric return to the beat-em-up genre and follow on from the last episode. This time round, the lads cover much more lesser known games in this amazing genre. Games covered: Growl - 1990 - Taito Violent Storm - 1993 - Konami Night Slashers - 1993 - Data East Cadillacs and Dinosaurs - 1993 - Capcom The Ninja Warriors - 1994 - Titus Shin Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio-Tachi no Banka - 1994 - Technos Sengoku 3 - 2001 - SNK Viewtiful Joe - 2003 - Capcom   Show Notes:-   Nightlashers Remake news -    
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    291 - Yuzo Koshiro games featuring his music


    Join Matt  and Drisky as they go through some classic games featuring the music of the music wonder Yuzo Koshiro.   Pre Show Chat: Zool ReDimensioned Quake Remaster Amiga Mini RGDS Listener Meetup on 16th Oct at Arcade Club in Bury    Games Covered: Revenge of Shinobi (Mega Drive): GamePlay:  Link    Soundtrack: Link Act Raiser (SNES): GamePlay: Link Soundtrack: Link Streets Of Rage / Bare Knuckles (Mega Drive): Gameplay: Link Soundtrack: Link Streets of Rage - Title Music - Link Soul to Soul - Get a Life- Link Super Adventure Island (SNES): Gameplay: Link Soundtrack: Link Streets of Rage 2 / Bare Knuckles 2 (Mega Drive):  Gameplay: Link Soundtrack: Link Streets of Rage 2 - 1-1 : Link Bass Value - Do You want to Party?  : Link Streets of Rage 3 / Bare Knuckles 3 (Mega Drive): Gameplay: Link Soundtrack: Link Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 (Arcade): Gameplay: Link Soundtrack: Link 198X (PC, PS4, Switch): Gameplay: Link Soundtrack: Link So come on our Discord channel and play through these games with us today.
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    290 - Compilation Gold


    Remember those days when gaming compilations were something to be excited about. Well, with the help of our listeners, Drisky and Kingy discuss the most popular gaming boxsets of this bygone era.   Notes - Little Book of Soundchips  
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    289 - 3DO - Daring to Dream


    Welcome to another fantastic episode were we look at the often maligned and derided in it short life.   But for RGDS towers we love the console, seeing it as a vanguard into CD gaming and showing the art of the possible, with some fantastic and eclectic titles that never found life anywhere else. So come and join Matt L, Matt A and The Drisk as we discuss through some of our fondly remembered games and console memories.
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    288 - ZX Spectrum 6-PAK


    Join hosts Kingy and The Drisk as they go over some real classic Spectrum games with their compiled RGDS 6-Pak.   Games in this episode are: Fantastic Voyage Software Star Gunfright Dynamite Dan 2 Cobra Dan Dare 2 Show notes:- Papers Please game - Retro Virtual Machine -    

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