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Imagine having a clear, concise, frighteningly- accurate picture of where your business is financially—and most importantly—where you need to go to grow. CUE: DOORS OPENING, SALES RINGING. No matter where your business is currently, we’ve got inspiration + information tailored to your exact stage so that you know where you need to go and what you need to do to dream—and take action—in bigger, bolder ways.

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    485: Finding the Stairway to Success in 2021


    In this episode, you will learn: The “elephant in the room”, the Delta variant, and how studio owners should be approaching it A look at cleaning protocols and why you should continue focusing on them moving forward The current situation with masks, and how to clearly define when they are required in your studio How to prepare for an uncomfortable few weeks in light of the new variants What programs you should be offering for the time being A few words of advice concerning vaccine mandates LINKS: 
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    484: Kristen Westcott and Systemizing Your Onboarding Process (Part 2)


    In this episode, you will learn: Kristen’s words of wisdom on what systems to have in place for new hires How to build protocols in your business for updating your systems What to do when your systems are too complicated or complex Her advice for approaching systems for the rest of the year, especially if you’re feeling burnt out LINKS:
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    483: Kristen Westcott and Using Strategy to Avoid Burnout (Part 1)


    In this episode, you will learn: • Where to start if you have zero systems in place right now • How to go about completing tasks or implementing systems that you don’t like {but are obliged to do} • Why it is important to have a level of personalization in your systems • Best practices for organizing your systems • How to make sure that you're using a system that actually translates into getting things done LINKS: 
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    482: Mindy Totten and Introducing Bodywork Into Your Studio (Part 2)


    In this episode, you will learn: Mindy’s tips and advice for finding the right therapist for you The collaboration that exists between the movement professional and the bodyworker A powerful reframe for how we should be networking Ways you can start building the bodywork side of business Why bodywork therapists often undervalue their services and what they charge LINKS: Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh
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    481: Mindy Totten and the Future of Bodywork (Part 1)


    In this episode, you will learn: • What Cranial Sacral Therapy is all about and how Mindy discovered it • The experience that resulted altering the paths she chose to pursue for her both her personal health and her professional career • Why the concept of our body “keeping the score” is so important to understand • How Cranial Sacral Therapy differs from deep tissue massage • The key types of bodywork that is formative in a studio setting LINKS: The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.
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    480: Dealing With the Delta Variant


    In this episode, you will learn: The latest on the Delta variant that is sweeping through the nation The importance of top-notch hygiene and ramping up the cleaning efforts throughout your studio Tips for working with your local health department My thoughts on vaccine mandates and how to handle them for employees and clients alike A forecast for what the next 6 weeks could look like for studio owners Why you absolutely cannot stop your sales and marketing efforts at this time LINKS:
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    479: What Pandemic Pivoting Looks Like


    In this episode, you will learn: The various pivots Siobhan made during the pandemic, and how she turned the situation into a success One of the unusual pivots that she says helped her survive during this challenging time when many studios did not Advice for studio owners looking to finish 2021 off strong Why Patricia transitioned from Bikram Yoga to a hot yoga studio What she put into place in her business to grown and scale before Covid-19 impacted the industry Different systems you can implement to make the growing process as painless as possible The tremendous benefits of using sales scripts during sales appointments LINKS:  
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    478: Patti Ferry and The Importance of Mindset


    In this episode, you will learn: Patty’s background and what brought her into this industry What her opening and reopening cycles looked like through the pandemic Where Patty finds a lot of her leads, and what she wasn’t tracking before that she is now Her criteria for finding a team member to be in charge of her sales process What he focus will be on in order to grow the studio moving forward LINKS: 
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    477: Michelle Fama and Creating a Client Experience


    In this episode, you will learn: How Michelle built her own studio, and then the steps she took to expand it What mindset shifts she needed to make in order to pivot successfully when necessary The strategies used to build out a virtual platform for her business How they evolved from 3 to 6-month memberships, to yearly ones Her advice for studio owners who feel they are on a “hamster wheel” and going nowhere LINKS: 
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    476: Rising Goddess Yoga and the Post-Pandemic Masterclass


    In this episode, you will learn: The unique challenges that Michelle and Laurial face as owners of a pole/aerial studio What their business model looks like, and the most impactful shift they made during the pandemic How they manage their team to make sure that the company’s values and mission is upheld What their numbers have looked like post-pandemic {since reopening} The main priorities Michelle and Laurial are focusing on over the next few months LINKS:  

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