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Rochette Bridges and Provisional Prostheses for Implants – PDP145

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Rochette Bridges are a popular option for interim tooth replacement whilst implants in the aesthetic zone are 'cooking'. In this episode with Dr Pav Khaira we discuss his interim restoration protocols using Rochette Bridges and Dentures, as well as gaining an insight in to custom healing abutments. Watch PDP145 on YouTube Which cement is best for Rochette Bridges? How do you remove them? Ceramic or Composite pontic? When might we consider a Denture instead? We then expand in to soft tissue augmentation at the time of implant surgery to get the best pink aesthetics. This episode is packed full of gems even if you do not place implants - much of the benefits of soft tissue augmentation can be applied to non-implant fixed prosthodontics. The Protrusive Dental Pearl:  Steal my Resin Bonded Bridges consent form! It is a visual aid for patients and helps with information and consent for RBBs. If you are on Protrusive Premium, head to the 'Protrusive Vault' to download it. Otherwise you can request your free download here. Need to Read it? Check out the Full Episode Transcript below! Download Protrusive App on iOS and Android and Claim your Verifiable CPD/CE by answering a few questions + You can get EARLY ACCESS to the episode + EXCLUSIVE content "It's all about how you communicate the soft tissue grafting surgery to your patient" - listen/watch the episode to hear this absolute peach of a communication pearl! Learn Implants from Dr Pav Khaira Highlights of this episode: 3:40 Dr Pav Khaira's Introduction7:20 Interim Restoration vs Immediate Loading of Implant10:12 TWO Golden Rules of Temporary Dentures for Implants11:15 What is a Customised Healing Abutment?17:40 Rochette Bridges Protocol23:54 Temporary Implant Crown Protocol31:36 Communicating Soft Tissue Grafting If you enjoyed this episode, check out Success with Resin Bonded Bridges. Click below for full episode transcript: Jaz's Introduction: If you've placed an implant or maybe your surgical colleague has placed an implant and now it's come to you as the restorative dentist, and you need to give this patient a tooth because they're not going to go for immediate loading, i.e, they're not going to have the temporary crown on this implant the same day. Jaz's Introduction:We're going to wait some healing, and therefore, how can you give this patient a tooth? It's going to be a denture or a bridge of some sort temporarily. There might be some other ways, but these are the two most common ways to do it. Now, you might have heard of something called a Rochette Bridge. Rochette Bridge is basically like a metal resin bonded bridge with HOLES in it. It's very popular way. A lot of the implant dentists use to TEMPORARILY have a tooth there so that everything can heal, the soft tissue can heal, the implant can osseointegrate, and then you can take off this bridge and continue on with placing a crown for that implant. But there's lots of nuances when it comes to Rochette Bridges. So I've got on Pav Khaira today to talk about Rochette Bridges. Talk about dentures, like how do you make sure the denture's not impinging on the soft tissues and on the healing abutment. Now if all these terms aren't making sense to you, then I'll make sure that Pav breaks down exactly what a healing abutment is. So really is the bare bones of everything and builds you up and we build up all the way towards the end. We talk about soft tissues and how in many cases soft tissue augmentation to get a nice papilla is so important and Pav will share with you a very interesting stat about the number of people that show their papillas. Have a guess, actually, if you don't know this already, when people smile, when our patients smile, what percentage of them will show a papilla? At least a papilla, one papilla anteriorly, right? So what percentage of patients will show papilla, at least.

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