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Recommend Treatment Plans with Confidence – IC038

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Stop waffling and start communicating effectively. Stop giving 75 different treatment options and RECOMMEND the ideal plan based on their goal (hint: ask more questions!). Become efficient with patient communication by switching to video letters using Loom. In this episode, Prav Solanki talks about the trust built between the Dentists and their patients, and how that trust is the foundation for providing the best treatment plan for each patient. After this episode you will realise that sales is NOT a dirty word, and you will love his definition of it. Watch IC038 on Youtube Check out the example Loom videos on Premium Clinical Videos section of the Protrusive App. Download Protrusive App on iOS and Android and Claim your Verifiable CPD/CE by answering a few questions + You can get EARLY ACCESS to the episode + EXCLUSIVE content Need to Read it? Check out the Full Episode Transcript below! Highlights of the episode: 6:33 Prav Solanki’s Introduction8:56 Sales in Dentistry13:53 Information that patients needs to know before being eligible for a free consultation18:47 Learning the art of concise communication25:56 2 Stage processes in Business27:58 How to build trust with your patients34:05 Delivery of the Treatment Plan36:51 Using Loom for Treatment Plan Presentation Check out courses by Prav Solanki: If you enjoyed this, you will also love Presenting Treatment Plans the Comprehensive Way Click below for full episode transcript: Jaz's Introduction: You could be the best dentist in the world with your hands, but if you can't communicate effectively with confidence to your patient, if a patient can't sense that you as a clinician are confident to carry out whichever plan you are advising, then guess what? Jaz's Introduction:The patient will not go ahead and that's a disservice to the patient because you have your heart in the right place. You've trained for this. You've been on additional courses, but if you can't convey that to the patient, then it's an absolute waste. Hello, Protruserati. I'm Jaz Gulati. Welcome to this Interference Cast, this non-clinical interruption to help you grow as a dentist and do more dentistry on the right patients and get better outcomes. That's what it's all about with Protrusive, as has evolved over the last three years. The key word of this episode, that episode title I really purposely picked it is RECOMMEND, right? Recommending treatment plans with confidence. And I think the word recommend is so, so key because it's something that you, as a clinician, you earned the right and you'll see later in this episode why I use these specific words. You've earned the right, you've done their full examination. You've got all this training behind you, now you can make a recommendation to a patient. And I think a lot of dentists are guilty of not recommending. What I mean by that, I'll just expand a bit, is what if you've just finished your examination and instead of recommending something to a patient, instead of that, you are just splurging out. We can do a filling, we can do a sandwich, we can do a crown, we can do an onlay, we can do this, that and the other. And then really you give your patients choice fatigue. And you're not really guiding them, you're not advising them. You're basically like trying to give them all this dental knowledge and letting them decide for themselves. There's something not quite right about that. And the beauty of the word recommend is it empowers you, the dentist, to use all that information that you've gathered during the consultation to come up what is the best plan for that patient? I'm joined today by Prav Solanki. He's now a good friend of mine.

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