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Personal Sacrifices – Creating an Online Occlusion Course – IC037

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No need for violins - this episode was to share our behind-the-scenes story of creating an online occlusion course. This year has been the most challenging for me and Mahmoud Ibrahim as we worked hard to make OBAB the most tangible, real-world, and comprehensive occlusion training on the planet. We faced many struggles, hardships, and sacrifices along the way. I want to thank you all for your support, your help and your feedback. You have been a great help in this journey and I am so grateful that we were able to accomplish it with your blessings. In this episode, me and Dr. Mahmoud Ibrahim were invited to the Dental Innovator Podcast to talk about the journey, challenges and sacrifices we made while working on OBAB. This episode will also inspire you regardless of your own situation. Whether you are starting a practice, buying a practice or starting a business within or outside of dentistry, this episode will give you inspiration and a perspective. OBAB One-Time Pre-Launch Deal is now SOLD OUT – thanks for all your support! Highlight of this episode: 2:27 Dr. Jaz and Dr. Mahmoud’s Introduction5:52 Driving force in doing OBAB8:56 Process in making online course13:04 Online Course vs Live Course16:48 Work-Life Balance20:31 OBAB Journey28:12 OBAB’s post course support34:54 Responsibilities in Business Partnership41:00 Qualifications of Dr. Jaz and Dr. Mahmoud to teach people occlusion47:33 Dr. Mahmoud’s journey inside and outside dentistry49:12 Marketing aspect of an online course52:04 Advice for young dentists55:42 Innovations in Dentistry If you liked this episode, you will love How to Win at Life and Succeed in Dentistry – Emotional Intelligence

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