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Lingual Infiltrations and Adrenaline for Cardiac Risk Patients (Part 2) – PDP144

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As you may recall from the first part of this series, Dr. Wayne William is an amazing dentist in our community who has been kind enough to share his insights into local anaesthetics with us. Today we'll be talking about the second half of this topic: The most commonly used anesthetic agents used by GDPs (and why we should ditch one)Is it safe to inject lingually? Adrenaline for Cardiac Risk Patients - is it really a worry? Check out this full episode on YouTube Download Protrusive App on iOS and Android and Claim your Verifiable CPD/CE by answering a few questions + You can get EARLY ACCESS to the episode + EXCLUSIVE content The Protrusive Dental Pearl: Do NOT use the technique of lingual infiltration that I did! There IS a better way! (Lingual Infiltrations are not bad - just the way I did them was not ideal) If you’re curious what technique that was, Protrusive Premium will get to see it in the middle of this episode including Dr Williams' 'live' unedited, uncut reaction. This is GOLDEN content! Need to Read it? Check out the Full Episode Transcript below! Highlights of this episode: 4:34 The Protrusive Dental Pearl 5:38 Large red headed people are difficult to numb. Is it a myth or is it real?8:29 Lingual Infiltrations17:02 Adrenaline being avoided for certain patients23:49 Adrenaline for Cardiac Risk Patients  Occlusion: Basics and Beyond is the most tangible, real-world, and comprehensive occlusion training on the planet. Get the OBAB One-Time Pre-Launch Deal which SOLD OUT - the only way now is the Waiting List as IAS are preparing 20 extra starter kits. Be sure to watch the first part of this episode: Articaine ID Blocks and the ‘CIA Technique’ for Local Anaesthetic Click below for full episode transcript: Jaz's Introduction: Welcome back Protruserati to Articaine ID Blocks Part Two. How good was part one? Thanks to Dr. Wayne Williams. [Jaz]What I love about bread and butter episodes like these is the engagement it gets from the community. So you guys, Protruserati on the Instagram app @protrusivedental, had some really interesting things today. Like for example, Cony, Cony Caravotas we met in Brighton and also at the Finlay Sutton course. Hope you're doing well. She said that she hasn't done an ID block since 2009, so that was 14 years ago. That is bloody impressive, right? I told you I do about one a month. Coney hasn't done once in 2009. She said, buccal articaine infiltrations all the way. And there were loads of comments just like that about how we're all getting really good results with buccal articaine. But of course, Dr. Wayne Williams suggested that it's only really appropriate for single tooth procedures. But I know many of you, including myself on many occasions, use it for quadrant dentistry in the lower molar. Now, I wouldn't use it, like I said in the previous episode of people with large bones, large heads, big bony exostosis. But for the average person, I think it does work well in my hands, and that's what it's all about. Don't change your technique if something is working well, unless there's more efficiency, more safety involved, or lower cost involved. But if you're not compromising a lot on those areas and something is working well in your hands, I wouldn't change anything about your protocol as long as you're safe, efficient, and cost effective. So more power to anyone who's getting great success with buccal articaine. I personally will say that by putting it in the attached gingiva. Now, something that, @ohheyitsdoctoralbert also said on Instagram is the importance of attached gingiva. I find that the attached gingiva retains it, and probably by going in the attached gingiva I'm entering that coal area that Dr. Wayne Williams talked about in the first episode, and therefore, these em mystery canals, these holes in the mandible to allow our anesthetic to get in the right place.

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