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Internal Whitening Protocols Pt2 (Non Vital Bleaching) – PDP147

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Following the cliffhanger from Part 1 where the theme was Diagnosis - we now discuss the two main protocols of internal bleaching: the Inside-Outside Bleaching technique and Walking Bleach Technique for non-vital teeth whitening. In this episode Dr. AJ Ray-Chaudhuri discussed how to prevent peroxide gel from entering the root canal system while performing non-vital bleaching. We cover every detail of the procedure and offer step-by-step guidance on how to make a tray, how much to charge patients, which gels to use and much more. Watch PDP147 on Youtube Protrusive Dental Pearl: The full protocol workflow - summarised PDF of Part 1 and 2 of this Internal Bleaching Series plus the patient advice sheet AND lab instruction sheet by Dr. AJ Ray-Chaudhuri Click Here to Request the PDFs Download Protrusive App on iOS and Android and Claim your Verifiable CPD/CE by answering a few questions + You can get EARLY ACCESS to the episode + EXCLUSIVE content Need to Read it? Check out the Full Episode Transcript below! Highlights of this episode: 2:28 Protrusive Dental Pearl3:40 Tips and Advice for Internal Bleaching in Practice7:21 The Inside-Outside Whitening Technique17:45 Internal Bleaching Protocol23:21 Getting the proper access cavity27:21 Dealing with patients who do not follow instructions well31:47 Considerations and Tips to maximize success or to avoid mistakes33:08 Internal resorption and relapse If you enjoyed this episode, check out the first part of this episode: Internal Whitening Protocols Pt1 (Non-Vital Bleaching)  Click below for full episode transcript: Jaz's Introduction: Hello, Protruserati. I'm Jaz Gulati, and you are listening to this episode because you've just finished part one and you are pumped to get into the full protocols for internal bleaching where Dr. AJ Ray-Chaudhuri, or you just clicked on. Jaz's Introduction:Because you've got a patient next week who's got a black tooth and you want to follow all the protrusive pearls shared in this full guide on how to actually carry out internal beach treatment, or you are in luck because we cover all those things today. In the previous episode, so part one of internal bleaching we covered about getting your diagnosis right, making sure you've got a really good root canal treatment, and also the difference between a yellow tooth, which is more likely be like a calcific metamorphosis versus an actual non vital tooth. Now, why one will not need a root canal treatment? So if you haven't listened to that one yet, please go back one episode and check that one out. Now towards the end of that episode, I left you on a cliffhanger because you got really saucy. We started talking about barrier materials. Like what material, what restorative materials should you put over your gutta percha before you put your whitening gel, right? Because the logic says that we need to put a barrier to prevent our peroxide gel from actually going into the root canal system. But you know what? I'm going to give you a spoiler now, right? What AJ actually practices is no barrier material, providing you don't have a scope because the problem is like, imagine you don't have a scope and you're going to provide some sort of a barrier. Like have you ever tried placing GIC deep down three millimeters below the CEJ? And how difficult it is not to smear that glass ionomer material all the way up the tubules. Because if you smear them, then how is that whitening gel? How is the proxide gel going to enter the tubules? And that's when you get ineffective whitening. That's when most of the tooth whitenings, but you get a neck that's still discolored. So his argument actually is really good. So we'll listen to that first thing up. But we also talk about my protocol and what I've done as well. We go through every single detail and step-by-step protocol of non-vital bleaching, including tray design,

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