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Ep 155 | EXPOSING Dallas Mayor’s Affair at City Council | Brandon Buckingham Joins the Blimp

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In this episode of "Prime Time with Alex Stein," Alex is back in his natural habitat: city council! He discusses going to the Dallas City Council and calling out Mayor Eric Johnson for his affair with a city staffer. Joining in studio is YouTuber Brandon Buckingham, who is known for his hilarious man-on-the-street videos. Following, we have Jameson Ellis, who is currently running against Dan Crenshaw. Can Jameson beat Eye-Patch McCain? Alex certainly hopes so! Finally, because of a $500 superchat, Alex will give Producer JVT the worst haircut of his life: reverse mohawk with frosted tips. Don’t miss this episode of “Prime Time with Alex Stein”! Today’s Sponsors:  PureHealth Boost your energy, clear brain fog, and shed extra flab with Liver Health Formula. Designed to revitalize and protect your liver, this powerful supplement contains 11 clinically proven herbs and nutrients. Say goodbye to energy crashes and belly fat by visiting to order today and receive a free bottle of Blood Sugar Formula to reduce sugar cravings. Don't miss out on this opportunity to reclaim your health!

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