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Ep 150 | FLAT EARTH DEBATE: Jeran Campanella vs. Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier

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In this episode of "Prime Time with Alex Stein," we have a debate for the ages: Is the Earth flat? Famous flat-earther Jeran Campanella, aka Jeranism, returns to the show to defend his beliefs against former Space Force Commander Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier. Will Jeran finally be convinced that the Earth is a globe? Or will this space commander shock the world and admit that the earth is flat? Don’t miss this episode of “Prime Time with Alex Stein”! Today’s Sponsors:  CastBrew Coffee Experience bold, American-made coffee with Cast Brew Coffee, supporting freedom and a parallel economy. Try Alex Stein’s Prime Time Grind, a Dark Roast with 2X caffeine, for the strongest brew around. Certified organic and micro-roasted in the US, visit with promo code "PRIMETIME" for 10% off. Wake up responsibly with Cast Brew! Sara Gonzales Unfiltered Our good friend Sara Gonazales is now hosting 'Sara Gonzales Unfiltered.' Everyone’s favorite spicy Latina coming to you 5 nights a week at 6:00 ET with a no-holds-barred take on news, politics, and culture. You can watch on BlazeTV or the 'Sara Gonzales Unfiltered' YouTube channel or listen wherever you get your podcasts. PureHealth Boost your energy, clear brain fog, and shed extra flab with Liver Health Formula. Designed to revitalize and protect your liver, this powerful supplement contains 11 clinically proven herbs and nutrients. Say goodbye to energy crashes and belly fat by visiting to order today and receive a free bottle of Blood Sugar Formula to reduce sugar cravings. Don't miss out on this opportunity to reclaim your health!

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