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The Podcast that interviews other podcasts about all things podcasting! Learn how to start a show, develop a show and market a show! Learn something new with every episode!

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    S7E5 Podcast Passion Projects and American Vigilante with Sam Walker


    In this episode, former BBC host Sam Walker joins me to discuss her career in podcasting. From creating a small passion project podcast called Desert Diaries when she moved from the UK to Arizona to finding herself on the other end of a shotgun...microphone with a sometimes covert killer who rescues kidnapped children on her new disruptive (with her audience) podcast, American Vigilante! 
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    S7E4: True Crime Garage


    In this episode, The Captain from True Crime Garage joins Pod 101 to chat about creating a "True Crime" podcast before it was even a genre... though creating a podcast in a garage had already been old hat. The Captain, who admits to only being loved by 30% of the listeners tells us how he and The Colonel quickly and surprisingly built a very large following, how they're keeping things indie and the difference between who they are on mic and off. 
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    S7E3 Pivoting Your Podcast Before Burning Out with Brett Allan


    Brett had been podcasting for 160+ episodes and he knew something had to change. Specific guests weren't landing with his audience. He was feeling the burnout. He then decided to PIVOT with his podcast and now he's interviewing celebrities and reaching over 8,000 listeners an episode. He's releasing 3 to 5 episodes a week and not only is he enjoying himself but he's hoping to leave a legacy for his son through podcasting.  Also we discuss what is a good "starter" microphone and whether Joe Rogan is a famous podcaster or a podcaster who is famous!  
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    S7 Ep2: Building the Skills & Finding Confidence to Produce and Audio Drama w/ Joel Mengel


    There has been an explosion recently for Audio Dramas. Podcast Radio Plays... Narrated stories with music and sound effects, not always "Dramatic" but for lack of a better term, let's just say Audio Drama!?  Today, Joel Mengel joins me from his Edge of the World Broadcast, podcast to discuss his ideas, process, struggles and success of creating an independently produced podcast. I also discuss Spotify and Stitcher going exclusive with Marvel and DC. I have a huge respect and love for this content no matter the level of production.  After the interview I recommend a podcast I was recently turned on to, America's Forgotten Heroes. If you like stories of heroism, and patriotism, mixed with narration through some very crafty wordsmithing... then this podcast is for you!  Thank you for supporting Podcasting 101 by using promo code Pod 101 when signing up for your libsyn.com account!  If you'd like to reach me you can find me at @Podcaster101 on twitter. You can email the show [email protected] Thanks for listening. Thanks for your support! Keep Podcasting!  -AG
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    S7 EP 1: Living By The Book and Making a Living From Podcasting with Kristen Meinzer


    Kristen Meinzer is the host of many podcasts. You may know her from By The Book, a show in which she and her cohost live by the rules of a Self Help book and then they share the good and the bad with each other and their audience. She's also the cohost of Movie Therapy and the author of So You Want To Start a Podcast.  Kristen is a fantastic podcaster and an amazing talent and I am so lucky to have gotten to speak with her for this new season of Pod 101! The conversation just flows, she gives great advice and has so many stories to share about podcasting!  I hope you enjoy this episode! Want to support Podcasting 101? You can do so for free by Subscribing to this podcast! If you'd like to support the show financially you can visit MonkeyPooStudios.com  If you're looking to start your own podcast you can get up to two free months by using PROMO CODE: Pod101 when you sign up for an account at www.Libsyn.com
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    8 Simple Steps to Starting a Podcast (While Under Quarantine)


    So you're thinking of finally starting a podcast. Maybe you have some questions, concerns or some doubts. Well don't. I'm going to do a quick walk through of starting a podcast. Whether you're a single host or multi-show hosted podcast. If you're recording in a studio or over the internet. I run you through the equipment and programs you'll need. There's plenty of tips and tricks from going from your idea to actually helping you put that first episode out. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help. Shoot me an Email. [email protected] Thanks for listening and please don't forget to subscribe and review the show!
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    S6E10 From Podcast to Television


    Hi there dearest listener! I hope that you are keeping healthy and safe. I know times are strange right now and we all need some escapism, maybe now more than ever, so I have compiled a list of Podcasts that have also become TV Shows. My hope is that this might help you take your mind off the crazy reality that we are currently living in, as well as, maybe ignite those creative juices to keep you podcasting!  For this episode I have picked 4 distinctly different podcasts and Television shows. I hope at least one of them is something you seek out. Whether it be download the podcast episodes, or stream the shows! All the information is of course provided... All you have to do is hit play on this here episode. Please, I would love some feedback on this episode! I'm currently working on a second part to this and I'm hoping this is something you'd be interested in hearing more of. You can Listen-and-Tweet me at @Podcaster101 or you can email me at [email protected] Thanks, and I hope you're doing well! "Keep Podcasting!" -AG
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    S6E9 Podfest 2020 Recap with Ant McGinley


    In this episode, my good buddy and podcast enthusiast Ant McGinley joins me (once again) to chat about PODFEST 2020. It was an amazing time. If you're on the fence about these events... this might change your mind... if you were there, well perhaps you'll hear a different perspective?
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    S6E8 How to Survive the world of Audio Drama's with the Creator of We're Alive - KC Wayland


    KC Wayland, creator, writer, producer, of the world famous podcast, "We're Alive" as well as the We're Alive Lockdown and Goldrush and the upcoming Descendants spin-offs joins me to discuss the audio drama side of podcasting. We discuss storytelling, recording, scheduling difficulties, sponsorship, raising funds, and continuing to build new listeners, even with almost 200 million downloads! If you're at all interested in how the sausage is made, or perhaps you have your own ideas for an audio drama then this episode is another masterclass you shouldn't miss out on!
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    S6E7 From Concept to Podcast Convention in 3 Months with Ant McGinley


    I'm not sure my words can adequately describe this podcast superstar. He's a Producer, an Influencer, a Speaker. A Rockstar and living legend! Ant McGinley and I met 2 years ago during Podcast Movement in Philly during a Stitcher party and immediately hit it off. He's filled with a million ideas and has the energy to match. Two years ago I saw him show a whole room of podcasters how to create a podcast episode from nothing to having it published in 30 minutes. Since then he has gone on to start his own Podcast Convention in the UK called Pods Up North. He's an inspiration to podcasters and he's come on the show to share his story.

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