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S5E7 - Winning at SaaS with Stephen Tafaro

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Are you Looking at Winning at SaaS or building a SaaS company, especially enterprise level? In this episode of the Payback Time podcast, host Sean Tepper engages in a conversation with Steve Tafaro, a seasoned professional in the software industry whose career spans back to the 1970s. With experience ranging from IBM to serving as interim President at multiple successful SaaS companies, four of which were acquired, Steve offers invaluable insights into enterprise SaaS sales. This episode is essential listening for anyone looking to venture into the realm of SaaS, especially at the enterprise level.

Key Timecodes

  •  (00:43) - Show intro and background history
  • (04:56) - A bit about his book on building a SaaS business
  • (10:13) - Understanding his SaaS customer focused strategies
  • (11:36) - What are the mistakes when people try to sell software
  • (20:14) - What are his new projects
  • (30:31) - Deeper into his business tactics
  • (32:29) - A key takeaway from the guest
  • (40:12) - Guest contacts

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