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S5E2 - How to Get 91,000 users For Your SaaS in less than 2 years With Maxwell Nicholson

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Are you a SaaS founder struggling to get users for your product? Did you know that getting 91000 users for your SaaS in under 2 years is possible? We understand that being an entrepreneur is like sailing on a rough sea, with many challenges and opportunities. In this episode, we explore how SaaS founders can attract users for their products. Our expert guest is Maxwell Nicholson, the founder of Blossom, a mobile app changing how retail investors manage their portfolios. Blossom has quickly become popular in finance, with over 91000 users in less than two years. Join us as we discuss the strategies that helped Blossom gain so many users in such a short time.

Key Timecodes

  • (00:38) - Show intro and background history

  • (02:25) - Deeper into his background history and business model

  • (07:27) - Understanding his business strategies

  • (10:47) - Few lessons learned during his entrepreneur journey

  • (14:53) - A bit about his platform pricing model

  • (21:20) - Deeper into his company numbers

  • (26:08) - Understanding his retention strategies

  • (33:34) - A bit about his marketing tactics

  • (35:58) - Deeper into his marketing strategies

  • (41:12) - Understanding his mindset and philosophy

  • (44:52) - A key takeaway from the guest

  • (25:47) - Guest contacts

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