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S4E41 - Scott Maderer - Paid off $78,000 in 3 years

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My next guest is a coach who helps people transition from a corporate job to creating their own business. In this episode, we talk about specifics on how he helps people but we also talk about WHY he created his business. In this case, he shares his story of getting into $78,000 of debt, how it nearly drove him to take his own life, and what actions he took to pay off the debt in less than 3 years. If you’re someone who’s struggling with debt and can’t find a way to get ahead, this is an inspirational episode. Please welcome, Scott Maderer.

Key Timecodes

  • (00:52) - Show intro and background history

  • (02:10) - Deeper into his business model

  • (05:18) - Understanding his coaching strategies

  • (09:39) - A bit about his clients

  • (12:24) - Deeper into his philosophy and business vision

  • (15:02) - What challenges did he face and how did he overcome them

  • (24:22) - How he can help people with financial problems

  • (32:44) - A key takeaway from the guest

  • (36:40) - What is the worst advice he ever received

  • (37:25) - What is the best advice he ever received

  • (38:31) - Guest contacts

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