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S4E32 - RJ Grimshaw - Is INTRApreneurship for you?

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My next is an advocate for intrapreneurship which is the concept of empowering entrepreneurial-minded people to thrive within an organization. In this episode, he talks about how businesses can adopt this type of culture and how employees can find these types of companies. Long story short, my guest adopted an intrapreneurial-minded culture, and his company of 15 employees increased revenue from $13M per year to over $120M per year. That’s $8M in revenue per employee which is beyond impressive. Is intrapreneurship for you? Stay tuned to find out. Please welcome, RJ Grimshaw. Key Timecodes

  • (00:57) - Show intro and background history
  • (03:28) - Deeper into his background history and business model
  • (05:53) - How big is his team
  • (07:12) - A bit about his numbers
  • (08:20) - Understanding his entrepreneurship model
  • (10:00) - Deeper into his business strategies
  • (20:36) - The differences between small and larger organizations
  • (22:44) - How to find people with an entrepreneurial mindset for companies
  • (28:22) - A bit about his software
  • (33:44) - A key takeaway from the guest
  • (43:21) - What is the worst advice he ever received
  • (44:14) - What is the best advice he ever received
  • (46:39) - Guest contacts

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