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S4E28 - How to Scale a Tech Company with Brian Childress

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My next guest is a fractional CTO who helps tech startups structure their software engineering team and architecture so a company can scale. In this episode, we talk about red flags to look for when hiring offshore teams, should you spend more time building an idea or validating an idea, what held him back in his career, what helped him succeed in his career, and a whole lot more. If you’re looking to start or scale a tech company, this episode is perfect for you. Please welcome, Brian Childress.

Key Timecodes

  • (00:58) - Show intro and background history
  • (01:39) - Deeper into his background history and business model
  • (03:37) - What are the biggest challenges that non-technical founders face
  • (05:52) - Deeper into his project management strategies
  • (10:23) - How to create a team to scale a business
  • (14:27) - What are the right professionals to run a SaaS business
  • (15:38) - What is more important building x validating
  • (19:09) - Deeper into his career path history
  • (21:37) - What helped he succeed in his career
  • (23:56) - An advice for CTOs who are building a company
  • (26:02) - How does he see the impact of AI in the next 5 years
  • (30:03) - His thoughts about the SaaS business market
  • (31:32) - How to scale a SaaS business
  • (35:16) - What is the best advice he ever received
  • (36:42) - Guest contacts


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