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Pablo Held

A Series of Interviews

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  • Pablo Held Investigates podkast

    Scott Colley


    Scott Colley is an amazing musician. He always serves the music in a very engaging and creative way, never letting his incredible facility on the instrument getting the best of him. This is one of the many things I admire about him, so naturally I am glad I could talk to him about that. We … Continue reading Scott Colley
  • Pablo Held Investigates podkast

    Mike Gibbs


    I heard about Mike Gibbs through my good friend Sebastian Gille, who invited Mike to arrange his music for a special project with the NDR Bigband. I was amazed by Mike’s writing right away. Everything he does sounds so rich and full yet very open at the same time. He’s a true master who has … Continue reading Mike Gibbs
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  • Pablo Held Investigates podkast

    Larry Goldings… again!


    When Larry Goldings told me that “we should do another podcast where we talk about our classical influences”, I was beyond excited. In this 3-hour conversation about our musical upbringings and influences we also play a lot of piano for each other. As you can imagine, this is exactly what I was dreaming of all … Continue reading Larry Goldings… again!
  • Pablo Held Investigates podkast

    Embracing You (audio commentary)


    Pablo Held talking about the creation of his solo album “Embracing You”. Supported by NICA artist development, a program funded by
  • Pablo Held Investigates podkast

    Marilyn Mazur


    Percussionist & composer Marilyn Mazur is like a magician. Through her imaginative playing and her rich palette of sounds she casts spells on the music, her bandmates and us as listeners. When I listen to her I feel transported into places that I didn’t know existed and that’s something I’m fascinated by. How does one … Continue reading Marilyn Mazur
  • Pablo Held Investigates podkast

    Kevin Hays


    Kevin Hays is one of my absolute favorite piano players, period! The first time I saw him live was in 1996 on a concert of John Scofield‘s Quiet Band and this made a deep impression on me. I’ve been following Kevin’s playing very closely since then. Out of his own records “Andalucia”, “Seventh Sense”,“El Matador” … Continue reading Kevin Hays
  • Pablo Held Investigates podkast

    Peter Erskine


    Master drummer Peter Erskine is on so many of my all-time favorite recordings that it’s almost ridiculous! I love everything that he’s done with Weather Report, Jaco Pastorius, Joni Mitchell, John Abercrombie, Joe Henderson, Marc Johnson, Vince Mendoza, Kenny Wheeler, Michael Brecker and SO many more! Of course, let’s not forget his own records!! Especially … Continue reading Peter Erskine
  • Pablo Held Investigates podkast

    Sam Amidon


    Sam Amidon is one of the most open minded artists I know. Right away I was struck not only by his beautiful music, I was also amazed by the vast range of things he welcomes into his world. Every Sam Amidon album is a winner. They build on top of each other and yet each … Continue reading Sam Amidon
  • Pablo Held Investigates podkast

    Forest Of Oblivion (Audio Commentary)


    My dear friend and trio colleague Jonas Burgwinkel and I went into the studio to talk about the recording process of my first-ever album Forest Of Oblivion.  It was pure time-travel and I stayed in nostalgia-mode for the following days, reminiscing about the past and our journey as a trio. As I often tell, it’s … Continue reading Forest Of Oblivion (Audio Commentary)
  • Pablo Held Investigates podkast

    Johanna Summer


    I had been following Johanna’s playing for quite a while, ever since my buddy Robert Landfermann told me to check her out. – If you don’t know Johanna’s music yet, a great place to start is her album “Schumann Kaleidoskop” , where she interprets Robert Schumann’s music in her very own adventurous ways. To me … Continue reading Johanna Summer

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