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Introducing More Than a Feeling

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Today we’re sharing an episode of a new show from Ten Percent Happier called More Than a Feeling. It dives into the confusing, exhilarating, and messy world of human emotions — and how to make sense of them. Why do we have emotions and how much should we pay attention to them on any given day? Can we learn to skillfully choose which emotions to listen to and which ones to just let move on by?

In More Than A Feeling, host Saleem Reshamwala goes on a real life quest to find the answers to these questions. He’ll experiment with neuroscientists, dive into stories with historians and philosophers, and document how musicians, therapists, hairdressers and airplane pilots work with emotions.

In this More Than A Feeling episode, called Get Me Out of Here, OMNH host Mark Pagán goes deep on one emotion: fear. Specifically, his own fear of riding the New York City subway. And we follow along for the (actual) ride.

Listen to More Than A Feeling wherever you get your podcasts, and follow them on Twitter at @podfeelings.

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