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Who gets to be on the cover of your romance novel? In the hunt for a greater range of culturally desirable body shapes and identities, Mark meets with Ronald, a recently single man who has decided to take the way the world sees him into his own hands.

Other Men Need Help is executive produced, hosted, and written by Mark Pagán. This episode was produced by Rebecca Seidel and Shaneez Tyndall. Ben Goldberg, Caitlin Mae Burke, and Rebecca Seidel are lead producers. Navani Otero is producer. Shaneez Tyndall is associate producer. Rebecca Seidel is lead engineer. Ben Goldberg is lead editor. Our researchers are Bei Wang and Shaneez Tyndall. Tuck Woodstock is this season’s sensitivity listener.

Original music by Fulton Street Music Group with additional music from Blue Dot Sessions.

Episode illustration by Daniel de la Huerta.

You can find Ronald Young Jr.’s upcoming podcast, Weight for It, wherever you listen to podcasts.

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