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The Walls and Stalls of Growth with Revenue.io's Alastair Woolcock

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As much as we want it to be, growth inside of companies isn't a straight line. And while I don’t think people are oblivious to that fact, we’re all still a little surprised when growth is harder than those beautiful up-and-to-the-right graphs might imply.

So, how can we better prepare ourselves for the less pretty parts of that growth? Our guest today, Alastair Woolcock, has the answers. Alastair is the Chief Strategy Officer at Revenue.io, and he believes that growing companies face what he calls the walls and stalls of growth.

In our conversation, Alastair teaches me about how to look out for these walls and stalls, the two "P" words that will help you to get through those walls faster, and why segmentation is the reason you’ll either quickly climb over a wall in your growth or be stuck languishing for quite some time.

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