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Separating Practices from Best Practices with Insight Partners' Jeremey Donovan

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Our guests' experiences, and their stories, are great. But for operators, we should know that numbers – proven approaches that yield tangible, measurable results – that’s what operators really want.

Luckily for us, that’s exactly what our guest today brings. That guest is Jeremey Donovan, Executive Vice President of RevOps and Strategy for Insight Partners - a venture capital firm that specializes in scaling companies.

Jeremey is well-positioned to help us bring data to the conversation of "what good looks like," and ultimately separate the practices from the best practices.

In our conversation, Jeremey explains the methodology he used to create what he calls the Revenue Maturity Assessment across 122 companies, why some best practices make you a top performer and others don’t, and why of all things, he’s chosen to be a student of CROs.

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