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Intro EMC: Compliance, Opportunities & Pitfalls with Anton Tishchenko

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On this episode of the OnTrack Podcast, Tech Consultant Zach Peterson welcomes Anton Tishchenko, aka Dr. EMC on YouTube. The two explore the intricacies of EMC design, certification, and compliance.

They chat about various aspects of EMC testing, common mistakes in PCB design, AI-integration, and how modules and antennas play a huge role in EMC compliance. Anton also shares his journey into EMC, how to approach design testing effectively, and insights into his fascinating PhD research.


Key Highlights:

• Strategies for effective EMC compliance

• Common mistakes in PCB design and how to avoid them

• The role of AI in PCB design checks

• EMC testing has a 50% failure rate on first attempts.

• Comprehensive design strategies can prevent costly EMC failures.

• Modules and antenna setups can greatly impact EMC compliance.


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