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EMC Troubleshooter Min Zhang on Measuring Ground w/ Voltage & Current

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Join Tech Consultant Zach Peterson on this episode of the Altium OnTrack podcast where EMC troubleshooting expert Min Zhang explores the complexities of measuring ground in electronic systems using both voltage and current methods. With his profound expertise and practical insights, Min provides a comprehensive breakdown of the techniques and tools necessary for accurate measurements, especially in high-power applications.


Episode Highlights: 

  • In this episode you'll learn: 
    • The impact of frequency on the cost and selection of multi-gigahertz probes.
    • Detailed explanations of VOLTAGE TESTING and MEASURING GROUND techniques in EMC applications.
    • Insights into the challenges and solutions for measuring high-frequency transient events.
  • What the technical challenges are in measuring GROUNDING SYSTEMS using differences between circuit points.
  • The importance of selecting the right probe based on voltage levels and measurement environment.
  • Techniques to minimize noise and ensure accurate readings in noisy industrial environments.

Further Resources:

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