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NYC Local Guides

Jennifer O'Brien

How do you become a New Yorker? Can you claim this identity after 10 years or just 1 year? Where do real New Yorker’s recommend you go to eat or drink? On the NYC Local Guides podcast, host Jennifer O’Brien interviews New Yorkers from creatives to CEOs and everyone in between. She’ll ask the tough questions - from your favorite pizza joint to what you would change about the city. Hear first-hand stories like a native who grew up with Central Park as his backyard and The Met as his favorite place to play tag. Learn how a native avoided being jumped by doing graffiti on the subway. Find hope in a story of how a couple dancing in the street made one skeptical New York transplant fall in love with this city and buy a home here. Whether you’re planning a trip and looking for awesome tips or you’ve lived in NYC for years and you just want to hear some crazy stories, this podcast chronicles the constantly evolving city in a totally new way. For more NYC resources like eBooks and videos visit

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