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Nomad Podcast is inspiring stories of lifestyle transition with successful digital nomads. You'll find conversations with nomads, founders and domain experts who share their wisdom and special expertise to help you be more effective on the road. For videos, links, show notes, interview questions, transcripts, travel photos and more visit

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    Ep 45: Meta learning: learning how to learn faster


    For the full audio interview, transcript, show notes, photos and more visit:   Arthur Worsley has mastered the art of accelerating the acquisition of new skills and amplifying productivity. Hear how his system works.   Remember the scene in the Matrix where Trinity calls the operator and asks for a training program to instantly learn how to fly a helicopter? What if you had that capability IRL to accelerate the acquisition of new languages, skills or ideas? What would you do with super-human learning capabilities?   Arthur Worsley has mastered the art of meta learning and productivity enhancement and has created a system called "Faster to Master" in which he teaches others to do what he does daily. In this interview we discuss Arthur's background at Oxford and McKinsey, how he learned 7 languages to fluency, the mechanics of meta learning, how to apply his system for extracting the essence books in less time, the role of purpose & meaning in accelerating learning, how he maps a problem domain mentally before engaging in learning, and more.  Enjoy!
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    Ep 44: At age 50 embarking on a nomadic quest to visit every country in the world


    For the full audio interview, transcript, show notes, photos and more visit:   Palle Bo is proof that it’s never too late to delve into the nomadic lifestyle and become location-independent. Hear his story.    Palle Bo may be a late-bloomer when it comes to starting his nomadic journey but he is channeling a career’s-worth of experience in radio into a unique project. At age 50 he left his small town in Denmark and set out to travel the world and document his experience via his project “Radio Vagabond.” He has now been to 87 countries and counting.  In this interview, we discuss Palle’s entrepreneurial journey and how he came to co-own 17 radio stations, his consulting business working with big brands like Bugatti and LEGO, his artisan approach to podcasting and more. Enjoy!
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    Ep 43: Living abroad for over a decade and writing the book on becoming a digital nomad


    For the full audio interview, transcript, show notes, photos and more visit: Chris Backe has been an expat for over a decade and wrote a 250+ page book that teaches others how to transition to the nomadic lifestyle. Hear his story.   Chris literally wrote the book on how to become a digital nomad. After over a decade living abroad and consulting with aspiring nomads he has amassed a wealth of experience in helping people transition to this lifestyle. In this interview Sean and Chris discuss how Chris got his start on the road, flag theory, the most common pitfalls facing aspiring nomads, tips for finding community while traveling, highlights from Chris' book and more. Enjoy!
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    Ep 42: Fueling international travel via self-publishing books from around the world


    For the full audio interview, transcript, show notes, photos and more visit:   Matt Rudnitsky helps others write un-putdown-able books. He's worked for Tucker Max's "Book in a Box" and now freelances under the brand "Platypus Books." Learn his tips for writing.    Have you been intending to write a book for ages but constantly find that task at the bottom of your todo list? Or maybe you've made it further and have actually begun the process of writing but now find yourself with writer's block and at a loss for how to move forward? Matt Rudnitsky has dedicated his life to helping others extract that book from their head and get it into print with the least amount of brain damage possible. In this interview Sean and Matt discuss his writing process, how he deals with haters, techniques for breaking writer's block, a horrific travel snafu in Russia, how to sneak into the Super Bowl, fawning praise for Nasim Taleb and more. Enjoy!
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    Ep 41: Running 15 different SaaS products and building a diverse portfolio of non-sexy passive-revenue streams


    For video, links, transcript, show notes and more visit: A common mistake amongst entrepreneurs is becoming obsessed with a product idea and winding up building something nobody wants or needs. Yanir Calisar has managed to learn the technical & business skills via his involvement with various startups throughout his career that have allowed him to build a portfolio of micro niche products that sustain him while he works on his moonshot product Whastlly.  In this interview on my last day in Koh Tao, Thailand we talk about Yanir's process for rapidly validating a product idea and hammering out a proof of concept in 48hrs, his philosophy on lean product development, the startup scene in Tel Aviv Israel, stories of advanced open water night diving, delicious hummus and more. Enjoy! 
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    Ep 40: Travel hacking: paying $17 to fly anywhere in the world


    For the full audio interview, transcript, show notes, photos and more visit: Trevor Wright has cracked the code for essentially free air travel to any destination in the world via his "Mile Method.” Learn how he does it. Trevor has mastered the art of accruing and redeeming travel points via strategic credit card applications. This craft allows him to fly anywhere in the world for $17 per ticket on average (the cost of airport taxes). He’s turned this into his full-time business and has made a living by helping others to fly for free. In this interview we’ll learn the crux of the “Mile Method,” common pitfalls and mistakes for first-timers attempting to play this game, nuances of how to amplify the utility of the miles you accrue via redemption hacks and more. Enjoy!
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    Ep 39: Starting two six-figure automated businesses while traveling the world


    For the full audio interview, transcript, show notes, photos and more visit:   Julia Shem has automated and delegated her way into financial and location independence. Learn how she’s done it.    At the age of 27 Julia Shem has accomplished more than the average person having built two side businesses that generate six-figure yearly revenues. And with her technical background she’s automated the entire operation so it largely runs on autopilot. In this interview we delve into Julia’s entrepreneurial journey, her philosophy on automation, her use of meditation, how she employs Tim Ferriss’ practice of “tear setting” for making difficult decisions,  and her latest hobby: kite surfing. Enjoy.
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    Ep 38: Founding the Nomad Cruise and the largest Facebook group for nomads


    For the full audio interview, transcript, show notes, photos and more visit:   Johannes Voelkner has built a conference at sea for digital nomads and has cultivated a community of 1200 loyal cruise participants. Hear how he did it.   Johannes wanted a way to meet fellow nomads and travel South America together. In the process of scratching his own itch he inadvertently stumbled into creating a thriving business and community of nomads who meet bi-annually on a cruise ship to grow personally & professionally. Hear his story of how he did it and what he learned in the process.
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    Ep 37: Growing the largest digital nomad Meetup in the world


    For the full audio interview, transcript, show notes, photos and more visit:   Ash co-founded the Lisbon Digital Nomad Meetup which has become the largest meetup of its kind in the world. Learn how he did it.    Ash founded an online vintage arcade emulator site when he was 13 and has had a number of entrepreneurial ventures since. He crossed paths with Trevor Gerhardt of the very first Remote Year group while they were in Turkey and has been a pillar of the Lisbon nomad scene having founded the Digital Nomad Meetup group. That group has been so successful that sent delegates to study how it’s operated to learn why it’s thriving so well.   In this interview we’ll hear about Ash’s video game business, his entrepreneurial journey since his first venture, what’s been involved in growing the largest nomad meetup in the world and what he’s up to with his latest venture purchasing and renovating a coffee shop in Lisbon. Enjoy.
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    Ep 36: The top 10 lessons learned from interviewing 34 nomads


    For links, transcription, video, slides, show notes and more visit: This is the audio capture of the opening keynote Sean gave for Nomad Cruise X on 11/30/19. It's the distillation of the top ten lessons extracted from all the guest interviews for this show. If you're a new listener this is a great table of contents index to the current body of interviews. Happy New Year! 

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