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My Life Is A Vacation

Lizzie Vince

Hello and welcome to My Life Is A Vacation: The Podcast.

I'm Lizzie Vince. An Ascension Guide, Activator and Unplugger.

I know what it's like to be led by ego: hustle, force, pressure, lack, attachment etc.

I built a multi 6 figure coaching business doing this.

I burnt myself out to make $500k in 12 weeks doing this.

But, eventually, I decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH.

(This came through strongly at the same time as losing my stepdad to stage 4 lung cancer, in January of this year)

I had a deep inner knowing that I don't have to sacrifice anything (time, money, health, energy, effort etc) for money.

That I just get to live my life and receive money as I go.




(Perhaps you have the same deep inner knowing)

And, so, since realising this deep inner knowing...

I have been on a journey of unplugging from my ego.

Sinking into this inner knowing even deeper.

Trusting myself unconditionally.

Remembering that I get to receive unconditionally and infinitely.

Remembering my inner being is pure divine love and that there isn't anything to worry about.

And this has led to...

Manifesting $200k OUTSIDE of my business in just 2 weeks - WITHOUT sacrifice.


Feeling blissful and peaceful every day.

Experiencing more joy, fun, play and pleasure every day.

Witnessing deeper connections with myself and others.

And for my clients:

✅€100,000 profit on apartment sale.

✅$5000 CASH.

✅Doubled rental income.

✅Free holidays.

✅Amazon royalties from books.

✅Gifts from family.

✅Winning competitions.

✅Investment opportunities.

✅Being bought food & drinks.

✅Festival tickets.

✅Business or work bonuses.

✅Being handed money or finding money on the street.

✅Money in their bank account each month for not even having to work.

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