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The Muddy Boots Top 10: Fruit Trees

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Keith’s Top 10 Fruit Trees

Already growing your own fruit trees or love the idea but haven’t yet tried? Be inspired by Keith, the “the fruit tree aficionado”!

Before selecting your trees, be sure to research what will grow in your area. Consider frosts, soil type, available sunlight and your available space and design preferences. Be sure to know which fruit trees need partners for cross-pollination.

Consider buying Bare-rooted fruit trees - this is an economical option for planting late winter to early spring.

Look for Grafted fruit trees, allowing for different sizes such as dwarf root stock for space saving.

Keith’s Top Ten, explained in detail this week are:

  1. Flat peach 
  2. Macadamia Integrifolia
  3. Greengage Plum
  4. Tamarillo 
  5. White Sapote
  6. Avocado (not near a Eucalypt!)
  7. Persimmon Fuyu
  8. Mulberry Shahtoot
  9. Curry leaf plant
  10. Lapin Cherry

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