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Question Time 18!

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From citrus, avocado and eucalyptus trees to garden design and ponds. Hear this week’s questions answered and hear who our lucky Plant Runner prize winner is.

How to get rid of Bacterial Brown spot on Eucalyptus Caesia      .
Treat Citrus Leaf Miner or gall wasps with Eco Oil and ECO Neem weekly
Got a pond and need advice? Contact Garden World
Top tips for getting an Wurtz Avocado started.
Planning out your garden – Keith explains how to start?
Want to get rid of weeds in your lawn? Consider transplanting Kaikuya runners to smother the weeds.
What to plant under a large avocado tree – try Nasturium, Ginger, Tumeric and Midgen Berries
Screening plant suggestions include Lily Pily Syzgium Australe or Lily Pily Waterhousia Floribunda
Creepers for a tin shed? Try Ficus Pumila Minima or Boston Ivy

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