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Q&A August 22, 2023

Check out this week’s Q&A and learn who will win the prize, donated by The Plant Runner at

In this week’s Q&A we learn that:

  • The Jacaranda is actually an evergreen tree
  • There's no need to add worms to a wicking bed
  • Plant Feijoa “Duffy” with another pollinating variety such as Apollo, Mammoth or Nazematze
  • Kocide or lime sulphur are an easier choice than old fashioned Bordeaux spray for fruit trees
  • Possums and rats can feast on daffodils – who knew?
  • Seaside Daisy – try, test and learn for suitability in areas with kangaroos and rabbits
  • Planning to scale is the key to a well designed garden
  • Pampas Grass – definitely NOT a favourite for Keith! Choose a hybridised grass instead!

Keith recommends:

Whoflungdung mulch -

Daley’s Fruit Tree Nursery -

Shepherd’s Nursery Balnarring

Miscanthus sinensis hybridised forms such as “Flamingo” or “Kleine Fontaine”

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