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Meeting the team from ModBOX

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Meet Marco Baretta from ModBOX, expert in all there is to know about raised garden beds.

So why raised beds? Raised beds are attractive, ergonomic and make soil control & maintenance a lot easier.

When designing raised beds, Keith & Marco recommend a height of approximately 450mm,  no wider than 600mm if against a wall or 1200mm if it is accessible from all sides.

Learn the pros and cons the different materials used to construct raised beds. If using plastic, choose food-grade plastic. Tin or corrugated iron risks burning your plants roots. Timber is a good choice but what timber? Hear why ModBOX choose callitris for their raised beds.

Do I need to be a carpenter to put this together? No, ModBOX is easy to put together with no tools needed and can be custom designed to suit your garden. These also include wicking beds and Marco explains how these work and their benefits.

Raised beds made easy, thanks to Marco Baretta!

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