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How to start a wildflower meadow

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Love the idea of a wildflower meadow as part of your garden design? Not sure how to get started or how this can be incorporated into a domestic garden? Let Keith & Elisabeth inspire you!

Wildflowers need plenty of sun and it’s important to get rid of all grass and weeds before planting. Be patient, this process may take 2 years! Don’t want to wait? Once grasses are smothered, seeds can be directly sown into a thick layer of Clyde's Compost. An S shape is a good method, scatter seed by hand by mixing the seed with dry sand first.

What seeds to choose? There are lots of premixed wildflower mixes available depending on your preferred look & effect. Try interspersing with more advanced seedlings that you have propagated in seed trays.

When to start? Autumn start can give your germinated seeds a head start and kick start them for Spring.

Little or no care or maintenance, a haven for birds and insects and a visual delight. Would you think about giving a wildflower meadow a try?

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